a) Educate the public about the coastal and marine pollution.

b) Reduce the global pollution produced by single-use plastic bags and encourage consumers to value our environment to create a clean and sustainable planet.

c) Make available to consumers beautiful, efficient and cheap reusable bags. They’re made of 100% recycled material, durable, comfortable, with written and photographic designs that make us appreciate the wonders of nature, which we easily forget living in a big city. Additionally, consumers will appreciate the art and cultures of the world through photographic designs.

Global Blue Wave’s Dream is spreading educational ideas to preserve our nature in a global way, leading the force of a blue wave and traveling to all oceans and continents. We hope that our consumers will jump on our Global Blue Wave of environmental awareness to achieve a sustainable Blue Planet.


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Global Blue Wave supports marine research and creates environmental education programs for children and adults around the world.

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