1. Who explores the ocean?

  2. The Ocean and its Influence on our Lives.

  3. Life on Oceanographic Cruises.

  4. Marine Pollution and how to prevent it.

  5. Wonders of Coral Reefs.

  6. Marine Protected Areas around the World.

  7. The Impact of Human Activities on Coastal Resources.

  8. The Oceans and Climate Change

  9. CO2 & Ocean Acidification

  10. Water Quality and Marine Pollution Studies

The objectives of Global Blue Wave Inc. and Dr. Valentina G. Caccia are to: spread marine knowledge; share educational ideas that help preserve our nature in a global way; and bring the energy and force of an ocean wave to travel to all the oceans and continents inspiring a new philosophy and way of living.

We expect that our consumers and the general public will get involved in the Global Blue Wave of environmental awareness to achieve a sustainable Blue Planet.

Global Blue Wave offers worldwide marine science presentations at a variety of venues of the following topics:

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