GLOBAL BLUE WAVE Inc. is committed to educate consumers by providing knowledge and ideas, which will benefit the environment and help to reduce the large problem of environmental pollution caused by single-use plastic bags.

GBW maintains a permanent environmental campaign to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags in supermarkets through the sale of reusable bags made of 100% post consumer recycled material and original designs.  Additionally, we present lectures on marine pollution worldwide.

The company was founded by Dr.Valentina G. Caccia (oceanographer with a Ph.D. in marine science specialized in marine pollution), because for more than 15 years of research and studies on the coasts of the world, she observed that one of the worst sources of pollution on the beaches is the large amount of plastic bags into the sea.  These affect the lives of marine animals, including dolphins and turtles, which can die through asphyxiation with entangled plastic bags or through ingestion.

The world’s annual consumption of single-use plastic bags is estimated to be from 500 billion (109) to 1 trillion (1012), and this represents over 1 million (106) consumed per minute (NOAA, EPA & Statistic Brain).  Plastic bags can take more than 500 years to degrade, because no bacteria brake down this plastic.  Plastic bags will photodegrade by sunlight, although this takes a long time. Billions of single-use plastic bags end up as litter each year, increasing the size of landfills and ending up in the oceans harming marine life.  Several studies have shown that there is tons of plastic trash floating in the oceans, such as “The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch” (Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, SEAPLEX Expedition). Ocean Conservancy's 2011 International Coastal Cleanup shows that single-use plastic bags are in the fourth place of the ten top items found within 20,226 miles of the world's shoreline.


Dra. Valentina G. Caccia

Founder & President.

Oceanographer with a PhD in marine science specialized in chemical oceanography and marine pollution.  She studied and worked at: College of Marine Science (University of Baja California, Mexico), College of Maritime Engineering (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain), Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, (University of Miami, USA), and Southeast Environmental Research Center (Florida International University, USA).  Valentina has done marine research and education in diverse areas: water quality and marine pollution studies, climate change, ocean acidification, coral reefs, marine protected areas, aquaculture, coastal erosion, among others.

She has also dedicated her free time to work with various environmental groups and the City of Miami Beach in environmental campaigns against marine pollution, observing the large number of plastic bags polluting the oceans and affecting the lives of marine organisms. Therefore, she decided to take action in reducing this severe pollution and form Global Blue Wave Inc.

Valentina’s passion is the ocean. She loves to share her experiences, adventures and marine knowledge with others, especially children; therefore, she gives presentations in schools, museums, aquariums and other venues.

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Martin Gonzalez Caccia

Designer & Photographer.

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Mónica Berselli

Photographer & Naturalist

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That's why GLOBAL BLUE WAVE is committed to taking action to reduce consumption of single-use bags, as well as, educating the public about the impact caused by the use of these bags in our environment.

Jump on our Global Blue Wave and help reduce the pollution of our oceans and continents!